Why K.Ramachandran should get married ?

First of all, I am a big fan of 96 movie and Vijay Sethupathi. Everything was super cool in the movie except the climax, Ram left alone, Ram just left alone. Everyone is saying it is a love story Ram character is a genuine lover so he should be left alone. You merciless people I have points why Ram should get married

  • Point number one He is a 36 years old virgin. Please don't ask me to explain why does it matter.
  • Jaanu met him, flushed out everything that she felt, and left. Now she has satisfaction + family, she will move on one fine day. But Ram has no one.
  • He is the most eligible bachelor, innocent, greatest lover living alone for 2 decades. At least now he needs some love, some attention, someone to care.
  • Stop considering Ram character as just a character, replace yourself with Ram character. Will you be alone without marriage, without family, and without sex for life long? I say no.
  • He is 36 now marriage doesn't matter now, But what about when he is old? He needs support.

Now, what do you feel? if you feel he should get married Vote YES, if not vote NO



Please share this until Director C. Prem Kumar gives clarity on this.